RHP 5207C

RHP 2805


Class 1 Energy Rating, COP ≥ 4.2
Microchannel high efficiency heat exchanger
High temperature heat pump system

Generates about 4.2kWh of energy to heat water with only 1kWh of electrical power. This helps to provide 4.2 times of savings as compared to conventional electrical water heaters.

Microchannel high efficiency heat exchanger
High pressure rating, large heat exchanger area and high heat transfer rate to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the heat pump system.

High temperature heat pump system
Heats up to 70°C with only heat pump system without cutting in of heating element.

Fast heating
2800W heating capacity, ideal for residential and light commercial applications.

Low noise operation
40dB, special sound-proof insulation to ensure quiet and silent operation, especially during night hours.

Wi-Fi remote control
Smart wi-fi remote control and temperature monitoring through “Hi Rheem” Mobile App

Wide ambient operating range (-7°to 43°C)
Excellent adaptability, capable of operating in a wide range of ambient settings, from -7°to 43°C, to provide hot water regardless of temperature of external environment.


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