Indonesia Building Engineers Association (BEA) 15th Anniversary

Indonesia Building Engineers Association 15th Anniversary 


The Power of Positivity For Future Reward

Saturday, 3rd February 2024 | Harris Hotel & Convention Jakarta

Get Free Check Up E-Coupon

Free Check Up Coupon

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to get a free water heater checkup!

Get a free water heater checkup voucher for the period of February 3rd - March 4th, 2024 only at the BEA 15th Anniversary event at Harris Hotel - Kelapa Gading.

To use the voucher, please confirm or re-register by calling or WA Customer Care at 0878-7828-9797

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Get Free Check Up E-Coupon

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DVS stands as the exclusive distributor of Rheem in Indonesia, established in 2005. With an impressive portfolio, encompassing installations in over 2000 hotels across Indonesia, DVS has solidified its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge water heating solutions. Our commitment to excellence and widespread presence underscores our dedication to delivering superior quality and innovation to every client

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